Hilutungan Island Snorkeling

Hilutungan Island Cebu City Snorkeling

Hilutungan Island Marine Sanctuary★★★★ snorkeling 90% diving 90%  swimming 0% beach 0%


HILUTUNGAN ISLAND(Marine Sanctuary)is a destination. Many fishes came to gather in this sanctuary especially if a snorkeler feeds bread up close to the fish. Shallows are about 100 m continuances from the upheaval of a coral reef.It becomes deepen slowly and is depressed perpendicularly. The small fishes could be reach in just around 5 m depth and bigger fishes could be encountered in 10-15 m depth. A diving or a snorkel plus (originally by K I Marine) comes closer to underwater species and really can appreciate the marine world activities. In Hilutungan, guests could just stay in a boat and going in and out of the sea to do all these.