Dive Site Siquijor

Siquijor Island Dive Point Dive Site Safari Diving  KI Marine Dive Shop, Mactan Island

Siquijor Island diving site map Central Philippines Cebu ,

Dive spotClassDepthAngleCurrentFeature & Nature
Daquit ShoalB12~15mFlat~4Nice coral, sponge, Mackerel
TulapusB12~18m 90°~2Marine Sanctuary(50 peso) , Stingray, Barracudas, Coral
Paliton pointB10~15m45°70°~3Coral, Blue ribbon Eel, Snubnose drummer, Midnight snapper
Paliton WallB7~18m90°~3Comet fish, School of Snubnose, Mantis shrimp

The depth, shows the depth of the water that was suitable for observation? Degree 30-70 that fall into 70 degrees from a slope of 30 degrees

The bottom of the sea along a wall is 50m-60m in Philippines. Current 4 or 5 identify, recommend that they choose time by tide table. Cebu Tide Table