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Dive spotClassDepthAngleCurrentFeature & Nature
Black forestA14~16m45°~3Anthias, Rockcods Groupers, Scorpion, Squirrel, Parrotfish
Rudy’s RockB14~16m90°~2Coral, Caverns, crevices, Big eye trevally , Snapper
Rico’s WallB10~12m90°~1Vlamming’s Unicorn, trevally , Snapper
CathedralB18~20m90°~3Overhangs, Sea fans, Barracudas, Anglerfish, Pyramid Butterflyfish
Divers Heaven B15~18m70°~3Gold band Fusilier, Black sponge, Big eye trevally , Snapper

The depth, shows the depth of the water that was suitable for observation? Degree 30-70 that fall into 70 degrees from a slope of 30 degrees

The bottom of the sea along a wall is 50m-60m in Philippines. Current 4 or 5 identify, recommend that they choose time by Tide table. Cebu Tide Table