Tour Package Promo

Tour Package Promo : Cebu Special Project Recommended Tour Diving, Island Hopping, Snorkeling, Experience Diving, Whale Shark Tour. I will introduce the special planning diving of KI Marine, island hopping, snorkeling, experiential diving, Oslove whale shark, etc., especially recommended tours. We will inform you in detail about the price and the contents of the tour as well. We will inform you by screening tours of Cebu, which you can recommend most confidently.

Packages: Scuba Diving

Packages:Island Hopping , Snorkeling, Discovery Diving

Packages: Whale Shark Watching Tour

Packages: Discovery Diving

Packages : Snorkel Plus Original

Package :City Tour Package

Packages : Land Tour – Olango Island Discovery Tour

Packages:Scuba Diving or Snorkel Plus – Jet Ski

Packages : Fishing

Packages : Para Sail