Bagumbanwa Island

Island Information: Bagumbanwa Island is fishing village located at southern Mactan Island about 20km from Maribago, KI marine Dive and Tours.


Island Name:Bagumbanwa Island
Population: 728
Major Occupation: Fishermen
Sea Shore Details: Shallow Coral, Sand is Found Near Shore, North East to South East of Island is Sand
Tourist Accommodation: No Cottages
Snorkeling: B/C
Diving: No Place to Dive – 100 meters around western part of the island is shallow coral 1-3 meters depth. Southwestern part 500 meters around the island 1-3 meters shallow coral. Western part is sand depth
20 meters.
Distance Estimate Travel Time: 1 hours 30 minutes from Maribago
Attraction: View Nearby Islands
Comments: Excellent Hospitality of the Fisher Folks and a Peaceful Fisherman’s Village and
East Side Has Perfect Sand.

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